Tree Risk Assessment, Arboricultural Consulting & Permit Acquisition

We offer a number of consulting services for homeowners and property managers. Whether you require a Certified Arborist report, a Tree Hazard Evaluation report, a tree disease diagnosis, a tree inventory or management plan, the arborists at Ward Tree Care can help you. We are available for free estimates on all work, and can provide professional tree care advice for individual trees to large tree collections.

We offer Tree Risk Assessments by a Certified Arborist having Tree Risk Assessment qualifications administered by the International Society of Arboriculture. In addition to visual tree assessment (usually all that is needed), we can arrange more advanced techniques of structural analysis including sonic tomography and resistograph measurement should they prove necessary. Here is a link to a video we took of the use of sonic tomography on a large cavity in a Grand Fir in West Linn. The homeowner chose to retain the tree.

Many municipalities in the Portland Metro area require a permit for removing or pruning trees. Permitting can be based on the size and the location of the tree, whether the tree is a hazard, whether it is a street tree, an invasive species, dead or dying, or whether your property adjoins other environmental overlays such as greenspaces or wetlands. The arborists at Ward Tree Care can help you determine whether permits apply and assist you in obtaining the relevant permits. Below are a few links to help you in determining what permits may be needed.

City of Beaverton

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City of Durham

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City of Lake Oswego

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City of Happy Valley

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City of Oregon City

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How to Remove and Replace a Street Tree

City of Portland

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Street Tree Lists (Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place)

City of Salem

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Tree Preservation Ordinance Removal Permit (PDF download)

City of Sherwood

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City of Tigard

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City of West Linn

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