So Many Fruit Trees ….What’s next for Spring Pruning?

We have been pruning a lot of fruit trees into the early Spring–apples, pears, cherries, peaches, filberts. This process should continue through mid-April. It is very important to have the pruning done correctly since there are a lot of ways to damage your trees or to render them fruitless by improper pruning. Be sure to give us a call as the window for this kind of pruning is coming to an end.

What’s next? Customers who have trees which are prone to fungal foliar blights may wish to prune some trees throughout this season in order to open the canopies up so that greater air circulation can help lessen the impact of a wet spring. Fungi bloom on the newly formed leaves of certain trees under warm and wet conditions. Pruning can help control this before it starts, even though pruning alone cannot eliminate disease. Nevertheless, arborists must be careful lest they exacerbate the blight by inadvertently spreading fungal spores throughout the canopy while they prune. Knowing the difference is critical. Please contact the knowledgeable arborists at Ward Tree Care for help in your spring pruning.

one of our favorite apple trees we finished pruning: notice the vertical shoots have been reduced