So Many Fruit Trees ….What’s next for Spring Pruning?

We have been pruning a lot of fruit trees into the early Spring–apples, pears, cherries, peaches, filberts. This process should continue through mid-April. It is very important to have the pruning done correctly since there are a lot of ways to damage your trees or to render them fruitless by improper pruning. Be sure to […]

Fall Roars In!

We’ve seen a lot of storm damage from many of our clients over the last couple of weeks in October. I’ve included some photographs of the damage.

Summer limb failure? Yes, it really occurs…and you should care about it

The loud crash of a branch suddenly collapsing onto property has been the unfortunate experience of many of our customers around the Portland Metro area this summer. Sudden limb failure can occur in the warm and windless days of summer when the somber leafy presence of the trees would seem rather to suggest calm and […]

Pruning Red Maples in Lake Oswego

Two of our climbers work on some Red Maples on a glorious Fall day.

What’s in the green bottle?

That’s Stihl’s new Bioplus bar chain oil. It is derived from vegetable oils and is one brand of many new bio-oils developed as a substitute for conventional (petroleum) based bar chain oil. We are phasing out the use of conventional bar chain oil in favor of the new biological oils in our chainsaws. Although it […]

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